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911 Interpreters Inc. was established over 27 years ago. We have the experience, necessary skills and human and technological resources to meet and exceed your expectations. We provide telephone, in-person and video interpretation, as well as written translations in over 350 languages.

We are an ISO accredited company. This attests to our extensive international experience and the highest possible service standards in the industry. It gives you the confidence that your translation needs will be handled accurately and efficiently each and every time.


We also hold the following certifications:

  • National Standard Guide for Community Interpreting Services (NSGCIS)
  • The American Translation Services Standard (ASTM F2575-06)
  • Canadian General Standards Board Certification in Translation (CGSB)
  • European Norm Certification in Translation (EN 15038:2006)

We use only proven accredited interpreters and translators. Each one has been carefully selected based on their experience and complete familiarity with their specific language. They interpret and translate into their native tongue only. This means that they can accurately convey, not just the words, but the meaning of what you want to say.



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