Who we are


  • Who are our interpreters?

    Our telephone, video and on-site interpreters are extensively trained, accredited experts. They are experienced in taking care of virtually any medical, business or legal interpretation. They know what they are doing.

    They will make sure to interpret accurately, not just the words, but also the meaning of what you are saying. This way, your message will be conveyed completely and clearly. And to ensure accuracy, they interpret in their native language only. So they are completely familiar with the language and all idioms.

  • Who are our translators?

    Our translators are not only language professionals but are also well educated in areas such as healthcare, legal, technical and more. They are committed to continuously upgrading their language base in order to stay on top of the most current terminology in their fields of expertese.

    Our translators always work as a team on each translation assignment. All translations are proofread. Having both translators and proofreaders for every language ensures that errors and omissions are virtually impossible and that you are provided with and accurate translation, each and every time. 



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